Authlib Plans

Available commercial plans for Authlib. Currently, only Authlib Plus is available.

Authlib Plus is a commercial plan for Authlib to keep this project sustainable.

What is the benefit of Authlib Plus?

  1. You will get a commercial license other than AGPLv3+.
  2. You will be added into our security mail list, whenever there is a security issue, you will be notified at first.

Can I transfer the commercial license?

Licenses are not transferrable. If you want to use a commercial license under a new organization, you must purchase a new license for that organization.

What is the price of Authlib Plus?

Authlib Plus is invoiced anually, it is $1000/year. If you are a company with less than 5 employees (including your cat/dog employees), you can get a discount at $500/year.

It is still in the very early age of Authlib. Contact me with

Where can I find the commercial license?

The commercial license is in the source repository with the name of COMMERCIAL-LICENSE.

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