Get Support

Here we offer community help and commercial support.

Community Help

There are several ways to find help from community:

  1. StackOverflow: you can ask questions on StackOverflow, someone or me will answer them. Please tag it with Authlib.
  2. GitHub Issues: you can only report bugs on GitHub issues. Please don't ask questions in issues.
  3. Twitter: ping me on Twitter, if your StackOverflow question is not answered for a long time.

Consulting and Supports

If you want a quick and responsive solution, you can always pay me for commerical consulting and supports.

Please send an email with a brief of what you need to, I’ll decide whether I can take the job.

Note that work must be Authlib related. My contracting price is $250/hour or $1000/day. 1 day usually means 6 hours.

Commercial License

Commercial licenses are issued with other commercial plans. You can subscribe a Authlib Plus plan for a commercial license.

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