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Here is our available plans for Authlib.


This plan is for Open Source projects.
License: BSD
  • security maillist
  • quick responses
  • private PyPI
  • community support


This plan is for commercial projects.
License: Commercial License
  • security maillist
  • quick responses
  • private PyPI
  • commercial support
  • making Authlib sustainable

Authlib Plus is a commercial plan for Authlib to keep this project sustainable.

What is the benefit of Authlib Plus?

  1. You will get a commercial license.
  2. You will be added into our security mail list, whenever there is a security issue, you will be notified first.

Can I transfer the commercial license?

Licenses are not transferrable. If you want to use a commercial license under a new organization, you must purchase a new license for that organization.

What is the price of Authlib Plus?

Authlib Plus is renewed annually. The normal price is $1000/year with Credit Card payment and $2000/year with Invoice.

Purchase with Credit Card

Payment with credit card is powered by Stripe. Click the button to checkout with your credit card.

Purchase with Invoice

Contact if you need to purchase via invoice. Invoicing requires annual payment via bank transfer for a minimum of $2000/year.

Where can I find the commercial license?

The commercial license is in the source repository with the name of COMMERCIAL-LICENSE.

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